Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guess What!

Ever notice how things change with each child you have?  With Simeon I sent everyone an email, every month it seemed, stating everything he was doing.  Even what size he was wearing and how much he weighed.  Then someone made me feel bad like what I was doing was frivolous.  Instead of just not sending them the "Wilson Updates" I stopped sending them.  Then I made Myspace accounts for everyone, even the cat.  I did sporadic "Wilson Updates" after Crimson was born.  I tried a family blog, but they only let me put so many pictures and things, so that didn't last long.  And now Eliana has come along.  And, let's face it.  I don't really have time to get every update out there on time.  Now I write the updates here and on Facebook, although I haven't been consistant with that either. 

I said all that to say... Eliana is walking!  That's right.  The little mover has decided it's time to walk!  She's has had little to no encouragement from us.  Once you have three kids you realize the joy of having less-mobile children.  The faster they are the quicker they get into things. 
I have two videos of her walking.  One from the very first day she took her first steps (two weeks ago) and one from Sunday.  The second time she walked was at church.  The kids and I were worshipping beside our row of chairs and she just started walking out to us.  It was really cute! 
For some reason she walks more at home.  Maybe it's because she feels more comfotable there.  Anyway, when I get a chance I will post pictures and videos of the kids.  For now just be happy that I've finally told you!